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Pilot Study Funding Announcement 

Alzheimer Diagnosis in older Adults with Chronic Conditions (ADACC) Network

Request for Applications for Pilot Projects


The Alzheimer Diagnosis in older Adults with Chronic Conditions (ADACC) Network is soliciting proposals for pilot projects focused on blood-based biomarker testing for Alzheimer’s disease for older adults with multiple chronic conditions. The goal of this new pilot grant award is to develop novel discoveries and approaches in our understanding, use, and implementation of blood-based biomarker testing for Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses in real world populations who also have multiple chronic conditions.


As new opportunities emerge for use of blood-based biomarker testing for AD pathology, it is crucial to understand their different expressions and clinical utilities in diverse populations who have different comorbid disease profiles. These people may exhibit unique biomarker patterns, influencing Alzheimer's progression and diagnosis. A deeper understanding will help clinical treatment strategies and design personalized interventions that consider the overall health profile and goals of individual patients.


The newly established ADACC Network is a national consortium funded by a five-year NIA grant and composed of investigators from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.


This pilot award is open to all levels of faculty and junior faculty at the Assistant Professor level are especially encouraged to apply. Awardees will be granted up to $158,000 total costs to be administered over the course of a 12-month project.                                 


Pilot Project Guidelines


A successful application will address the following:

  • Assessment of the accuracy of blood-based biomarker tests for use in older adult populations with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Consideration of real-world implementation in primary care settings.

  • Plans to increase diversity in participant recruitment of blood-based biomarkers in adult populations with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Innovation in research methods, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research.

  • Diversity of skills and training of the investigative team.

  • Potential for extramural funding.


Application Requirements:

  • Application form (2024 Pilot Application Form: ADACC Network):

    • Title

    • Submitting Investigator

    • Co-Investigator(s) and other key personnel  

    • Abstract (300 words max)

    • Attachments

      • Specific Aims (1 page max)

      • Research Strategy (3 pages max)

    • Plan for addressing Human Subjects Protections (1 page max)

    • References

    • Budget:  the Research and Related Budget Form (OMB Number: 4040-0001) and Budget Justification (no page limit)

    • NIH-style biographical sketch for all project investigators                                        (


Budget Guidelines:

  • Budget start date:  07/01/2024

  • Total amount awarded: Up to $158,000 in total costs (including F&A)  

  • Budget allowances may include salary support for the PI or faculty collaborators (using NIH salary cap), research support personnel (including undergraduate and graduate students), travel necessary to perform the research, small equipment, research supplies, participant incentives, and core lab costs, or other purposes deemed necessary for the successful execution of the proposed project

  • Budget allowances may not include office supplies or communication costs, meals or travel, including to conferences, except as required to collect data, professional education or training, or computers or audiovisual equipment, unless fully justified as a need for the research

Awardee Expectations:

  • IRB approval prior to receipt of funding

  • Investigator and key personnel training certification prior to receipt of funding

  • Establish an anticipated project timeline.

  • Create and share annual progress reports, including a comprehensive final report.

  • Present and disseminate research findings at annual ADACC meeting.


Required Disclosure/Deliverables:

  • Extramural funding sought and received.

  • Dissemination of pilot study results at meetings and manuscripts.

  • Any publications made in relation to the pilot study.


Key Dates:

  • Application deadline: 02/29/2024

  • Selection of finalists will be asked to meet with the ADACC pilot projects sub-committee: 03/29/2024

  • Selection of awardees date: 05/01/2024

  • Project start date: 07/01/2024

  • Project end date:  06/30/2025 (No Cost Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis)


How to Apply:



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